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By the end of the Korean War, Patrol Squadron VP-47 had made three deployments in support of United Nations forces in Korea and made a home port change to Alameda, California. Here the squadron acquired the new P5M-2 seaplane. Adopting as their motto, “The Best in the West,” VP-47 flew the Navy’s most modern seaplanes on four deployments to Iwakuni, Japan.

The next five years VP-47 won the Dual Pilot Aircraft Safety Award in 1955, the Commander Naval Air Pacific Forces “Fleet Battle Efficiency” Award in 1956 and the Chief of Naval Operations Safety Award for seaplanes in 1957 with over 7,000 accident-free hours flown.

P5M-2 Marlin aircraft on the line at NAS Alameda – circa 1955 (Photo courtesy of David Putnam)


Sherwood Z. Jeffries

Tour of Duty: 1955-1957

Unit: VP-47

Top Classification: Unknown

“We flew P5M-2 seaplanes.”

B.J. Connell – Commander

Tour of Duty: December 24, 1942 – July 22, 1944

Unit: Assembly and Repair (A&R)

A&R Commanding Officer

Commander Connell was the second commanding officer of Assembly &     Repair – NAS Alameda.

L.M. Grant – Captain

Tour of Duty: September 4, 1940 – November 20, 1942

Unit: Assembly and Repair (A&R)

A&R Commanding Officer

Captain Grant was the first commanding officer of Assembly & Repair  NAS Alameda.

Connell, B.J.

Leighty, Dorman