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Each month the Station Subsistence Division selected an outstanding mess crew member as Messman of the Month. Along with the honor came an engraved trophy and the all important 72-hour leave. Selection was based on individual efforts, cooperation, military behavior and appearance. No mention was made in official documentation of dispensing large portions as part of the selection criteria.

Show here is Dorman Leighty, AA, Operations Department who won the award in February, 1965. Nice job, Leighty. An extra portion of mashed potatoes for everyone!


Each morning and evening formal “call to colors” took place at the flag pole located in the plaza area directly across the street from Building One.

Marine Color Guard in 1960

Marine Guards raise the colors in 1960

“The Marine Guards were responsible for putting up the colors and taking them down on a daily basis.  It was part of our normal schedule of activities, and  carried out in a prompt and professional manner by armed guards, every day.”

Sgt. Kim Rodecker (USMC)